Best Сrypto Trading Bots 2018

Electronic currencies will obviously stay in our world for a long time and most people know this. Many users trade bitcoins and altcoins to get extra income, while working in the daytime. You can use the profit calculator for this.

So there are many newcomers to the market. They do not have the time or skills to analyze cryptographic maps. So that they use some IT tools for their objectives.

First of all, let’s consider the main terms. Crypto trading bot reddit is, according to the newest glossary record, a software for analyzing market data about the crypto currency. Users must configure the program and master basic functions.

Here you may find special list & brief review of the best options and choose the best crypto trading bot reddit from the top world experts.


Gekko is a very popular free bitcoin bot. It supports more than a dozen exchanges of crypto-currencies. What does it offer to users? The answer is simple strategies for experimentation. For advanced traders they are really as easy as pie, but it is good for beginners. At the same time, among the key features there is no arbitration and high-frequency trade.


Every time someone turns to trading bitcoin bots, Haasbot must be considered among the top players. Algorithmic trading tool has been around for almost five years. It continues to gain popularity, no doubt. This is mainly due to the fact that it supports not only bitcoin, but hundreds of altcoins on a dozen exchanges. Using this one which is really is among the best crypto trading bot reddit will cost you at least 0.12 BTC per month.


At one time this industry know-how was supported by only a few exchanges and had a relatively high cost of 0.5 BTC. Now it is integrated into such large exchanges as Bittrex, Bitfinex or OKCoin etc. Its monthly subscription makes up less than $100.

The major feature envisages  two trading strategies, which is not necessarily suitable for advanced traders. However, despite this, it has one of the most complete user interfaces, which will certainly be appreciated by a beginner trader.


This is one of the old trading bots. And it is famous for own unique solution due to a number of built-in strategies. Experts who are familiar with the Bollinger bands will probably use it. Gunbot is supported by a large number of exchanges, including the leading US trading platforms. Nevertheless, it may require more attention than others and during a period of high volatility it must be disconnected.


This tool is one of the most innovative. It is a useful addition to the ecosystem of such kind of software. This is an online platform that allows users to create their own trading bots and strategies. From the point of view of application in the current market conditions, CryptoTrader is unrivalled. It is supported on most major exchanges and is relatively affordable for new users.

Conclusion: Thinking about news possibilities & challenges of crypto bot trading reddit, many users opt for the most reliable automated tools. Despite the fact that there are several trading platforms that offer trade based on algorithms, trading bots are also very popular. In our dynamic and highly technological age it is very wise to relay on artificial intelligence.