How To Make Your Own Trading Bot?

This article will answer to how to write a crypto trading bot and how it will work. Such a program will operate on your computer, connect to the exchange under your account. All you need is a stable Internet and some amount on the balance as well as the installed interpreter, e.g. Python.

The open source crypto trading bot will perform routine work for you:

  • monitor the state of the exchange,
  • track the current rate,
  • create purchase orders at a favorable rate,
  • and, after their execution, sell the purchased currency.

If the purchase transaction is not implemented for a while (like three minutes), the bot cancels the order and creates a new one, with a new rate. If the purchase transaction has passed, the robot creates a sell order, and holds it until it is fully executed.

Here is a simple example algorithm:

1) request data from the exchange (current price, current volume …);

2) pass the data to the strategy module;

3) get command from this module;

4) run the command;

5) go to point 1.

Some important details

The bot takes the average price for the market for a certain period (due to some imposed restrictions, f.e. for the last 100 transactions), and creates purchase orders with the specified mark -up – i.e. below the current market price, then creates a buy order – again with the specified mark-up – it is higher than the market price.

In the course of sales and purchases, the commission of the exchange is established on a certain obligatory level. While making transactions, the software gives the exchange the required piece, but the profit for the owner of the bot remains unchanged.

Be aware!

The bot tracks partial execution of the order – it will not create new orders until the previous one has been fully executed or canceled. If the latter was partially executed, such ones as a crypto trading bot github will wait for the completion of all transactions for this order.

The operation can be stopped and started at any time and from different PCs and gadgets – it will check the status of orders, balance and so on at startup – there is no need to be afraid of losing opportunities, money or something else during a restart.

The github crypto trading bot has been repeatedly tested in different modes: from the local computer, both as a server process, and multimode – to trade simultaneously several currency pairs.

Hope you will see how luring and exciting this world of the crypto currency is. It really makes you a free person which is not connected to a working place any more. The process of building a crypto trading bot turned out to be understandable even to complete newbie.
Hopefully, there are myriads of useful articles and forums on the Internet which will contribute for you future success. Just don’t waste the time anymore and join the worldwide army of traders.